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Sweep & Scrub-A-Way, Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing
Sweep & Scrub-A-Way, Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing
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Sweep & Scrub-A-Way, Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing

Machine sweeping is the ideal way to remove litter and dust from your carparks and floors, debris from your construction sites, and stones before line marking.

The brushes on our powerful machines sweep up and remove all rubbish, stones, leaves, dust and dirt.

A tough side brush easily cleans your edges, gutters and kerbs.

Fans and filters remove all dust leaving your air fresh and clean.

Regular scrubbing maintains your assets and ensures you always have a clean, professional and hygienic workspace.

Our machines apply a powerful down force pressure to break-up the dirt before squeeging and vacuuming it all away.

Nearly all the liquid is removed immediately so that your surfaces dry within minutes.

All cleaning solutions used are MAF approved, biodegradable and safe for people and the environment.

We have been doing this long enough to know exactly what we are doing. We use machines because there is no more effective way.

Brooms just stir up the dust to settle again over everything. Our machines take the dust away entirely.

Buckets and mops don't have the power to remove inground dirt and stains. Our machines can do that in seconds.

To find out more about how we can help you contact Craig Lawson on 027 493 7074, or by email.

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